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  • Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show - Red Lobster Sales

    Beyoncé increases Red Lobster sales by 33%

    Red Lobster’s sales jumped by 33% on Sunday after Beyoncé released a new song featuring a mention of the seafood chain. The new song ‘Formation’ mentions Red Lobster as a reward for sex. The new single was released on Saturday and was then performed at the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday. The restaurant chain […]

  • Happy Meal Books Program

    McDonald’s is ditching toys in its Happy Meals for one week

    If you head to McDonald’s and order your kid a Happy Meal from February 9 through February 15, they will not receive a toy. That’s because the company is giving children a free book instead. Franchises in the United States will take part in the promotion. Books being given away include the following well known titles: […]

  • Five dollar footlong is no more

    Subway just killed the $5 Footlong

    Subway’s most widely used and beloved deal for the better part of a decade has been the $5 footlong. That deal is no more. The struggling sandwich chain announced on Tuesday that it is now charging $6 for a classic footlong. Subway responded to annoyed customers on Twitter, saying the move to $6 from $5 was […]

  • Chipotle

    Chipotle is shutting down all of its restaurants on February 8

    Chipotle will shut down all of its restaurants on February 8 for a few hours to hold staff meetings regarding food safety. Chipotle has suffered from several outbreaks of E. coli , salmonella and norovirus that poisoned customers and caused the company’s stock to fall by more than 30% over the past three months. 64 […]

  • Chipotle sales down 30 percent in DecemberChipotle sales down 30 percent in December

    Chipotle got absolutely hammered in December as sales fell 30%

    Chipotle’s E. coli outbreak absolutely destroyed sales at the fast casual chain in December 2015. In a filing with the SEC on Wednesday, the company revealed same-store sales — or sales at locations open for at least a year — were down 30%. Fourth-quarter sales at Chipotle are expected to fall by 14.6%, that’s a huge […]

  • No Tipping Wait Staff

    More Restaurants Are Ditching Tips. Could This Be A Rapidly Growing Trend?

    The newest trend is America is ditching tips at restaurants. But it’s not customers that are ditching the policy, it’s the restaurants themselves. High profile restaurants joining the trend include Per Se in New York; Berkeley, California’s Chez Panisse; Bar Marco in Pittsburgh, and Alinea in Chicago. Fox Business points to the restaurants of the Union […]

  • 10 of the Most Pretentious Restaurants on Earth

    Ever want to go out for a nice dinner, but instead find yourself choking down bite-sized portions of strangely shaped concoctions delivered by your gourmet chef? Ever simply want a burger and end up in what looks like a high chair, eating raw meat slivers from some unknown country? Stiff dress codes and valet parking […]