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  • Putin Aide Rate Cut

    Putin Economic Aide: $40 Oil Might Halt Russia Rate Cuts

    Andrey Belousov, a key economic aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin, is predicting that a dip in oil prices to $40 a barrel could mean his country’s central bank stops its run of interest rate cuts. “If the situation on the foreign-exchange markets changes as a result of a significant drop in oil prices – […]

  • Russia Gazprom China

    Russia’s Gazprom Might Be Regretting Its Oil Export Deal With China

    Russian energy firm Gazprom is facing mounting challenges thanks to a tightened market and political tensions with Europe. Gazprom’s massive $400 billion, 30-year export deal with China, signed last year, is also being questioned by analysts today with Morgan Stanley projecting that delays will push the start date for oil exports from Russia to May […]

  • Vladimir Putin Slashes Government Jobs

    Vladimir Putin Just Fired 110,000 People With The Single Stroke Of His Pen

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has fired 110,000 people from the ranks of government work. The move comes two weeks after Putin signed a decree that reduced the government workforce by 110,000. The Russian government employs more than 1 million people and this recent move reduces the number of administrative staff in the county. According to CNN Money, […]