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  • 10 Chain Stores People Can’t Get Enough Of

    Most people have their favorite small time local shops for their local sustainable goods, or their top fashion finds, but there are some chain stores in the United States that people just love to pieces. Even in a tough economy, people still need their basic clothes, home goods, and food and chain stores are often […]

  • 5 Tricks to Save Money on Your Purchases

      Share Being frugal is the next “Ballin’!” — it’s cool to be cheap. There are a billion websites and online communities dedicated to sharing tips for an efficiently frugal lifestyle. But what if you don’t want to spend half your life cutting coupons like a maniac or subjecting yourself to miserable, uncomfortable situations

  • Three Well-Paying Sales Careers

    If you want to start a career in sales, then it helps to know which paths will lead to incomes that match the needs of your lifestyle. Assuming that you want a well-paying sales career, consider looking for jobs in the following areas. In addition to high-base salaries, you can make big bonuses based on […]

  • 50 Tips to Help You Sell More

    Image: NomadicLass/Flickr A company won’t survive without selling anything. (Unless you’ve been bailed out, but that’s another story.) Sales truly are a company’s lifeblood. Whether you’re a salesperson or not, you need to keep your sales skills up to date. Here are 50 places to start. Sales Tips for Everybody These general sales tips will […]

  • Mistake #4: Resisting Duality

    How many people are inside you? And more importantly, which one has the special skills and personality traits that you need right now to achieve an important goal? Today’s topic is #4 in the 8 Mistakes Men Don’t Makeseries, and it’s a killer. Resisting duality describes what we do when we are unwilling or unable […]