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  • Google $100 million investment in CrowdStrike

    Google to Invest $100 Million in Startup CrowdStrike

    CrowdStrike may have struck gold once again, $100 million worth to be exact. A source very close to the security startup revealed that the company is anticipated to announce a $100 million investment from Google Capital next week; however, the source did not reveal the valuation. The startup headed by two ex-McAfee execs offers a […]

  • 10 Common Mistakes Startup Businesses Make

    If you’re thinking of creating a new startup business and are putting in some research beforehand, you’ve come to the right place. There’s nothing like reading about the mistakes of those who came before you to help guide you toward the right path and help you avoid making unnecessary — not to mention time and […]

  • CloudPlayer.me to Resurrect 11-Year-Old Battle with RIAA

    Since the start of 2011, top technology companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft have been ramping up efforts to push consumers on their cloud computing services. Before we continue, I’m sure some of you are wondering what the “cloud” is. Polls show 60% of Americans don’t understand what this new computing term means. The cloud […]