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  • Jumpstart investing 10 million in startups

    Move your startup to Ohio and you could earn $500,000

    If you’re a female or minority and you move your startup to Ohio you could receive $500,000 in funding. Cleveland-based JumpStart, a nonprofit that invests in young tech firms, is offering 20 companies the chance to earn half a million dollars by relocating to the state. The company has launched a $10 million seed fund […]

  • Startup Fundraising is becoming harder

    Startup Founders Are Super Pessimistic About Raising Money Right Now

    Startup founders are super pessimistic about raising new rounds of funding right now. That’s according to a new survey of startups in 2015¬†from First Round Capital. “Some of these findings showed more of a lack of optimism, or more pessimism is a better way of saying it, than we’d been expecting,”¬†said Josh Kopelman, a partner […]

  • Why Are Subscription Box Companies So Popular?

    For years, the subscription box has helped us solve some lives previously unsolvable problems. How am I supposed to remember to buy razor blade refills? What if I want a new pair of shoes every month? Subscription boxes offer not only unique items and may prevent a trip to the store, but also the singular […]

  • Why These 10 Promising Startups Failed

    That good startups sometimes – or even often – fail is not a new story. Countless bright-eyed entrepreneurs and savvy business folk have thrown their lot in for a promising, idealistic or ingenious idea only to see their investments of time and money crash in flames a short time later. For years it’s been happening […]