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  • engagement_tiffany_ring

    This Week’s Bizarro Occupations

    Financial crisis or not, weird jobs are out in full force this week. The first job ad, for a mortgage loan processor, is actually quite normal. However, its timing makes it too big a target to overlook. #2 on this week’s list is a trade; check out the storyline to see why it deserves a […]

  • tree

    This Week’s Crazy Jobs

    This week’s jobs comprise a true smorgasbord of the strange and unusual. Kudos if you can incorporate the word “smorgasbord” in a song: The folks listed at #3 will pay you $1.50. If you sing the song while up in a tree, then transport the wood to the casket company below, you’ll soon be in […]

  • chimneysweep_011

    This Week’s Crazy Jobs

    This week’s jobs have a fire, wood, and heater theme, indicating fall is in the air. There’s also a massive job fair for people with security clearances, a foolproof indicator of upcoming elections… 1. Indiana: Presto Heater/Costco Merchandiser Seasonal Part-Time Job. Check “Presto Heater Display” twice daily in local Costco store. Light merchandising of display […]

  • steel

    This Week’s Crazy Jobs

    This week’s jobs have a lot to do with juveniles. The way they think, that is, not juveniles as a human resource. Jobs calling for erection foremen, jokes writers for a defecating cat, binge drinkers, and energy drink salespeople took me back to my high-school days–and mindset. If you’re the type of person who either […]

  • lampoon

    This Week’s Crazy Jobs

    If you’re a cheeky male Irish clone who sleeps less than 7 hours a night, habitually sells expensive lobby cards, has a housewife-melting smile, and knows National Lampoon movies like the back of your hand, you could get rich off this week’s jobs. 1. Delhi: Need a clone for Shaadi.com I need someone to clone […]

  • This Week’s Crazy Jobs

    This week’s jobs have more of an international flavor, proving that the bizarre doesn’t end at the border. Here’s a Friday trivia question for you: If you had to choose one, would you rather be an oil company PR rep or comment spammer? Why? 1) Moscow: Oil & Gas Rep to Work with Companies in […]

  • This Week’s Crazy Jobs

    This week’s job ad freakshow includes monsters, party princesses, mob-resistant bankers, and dog bathers. Can you imagine what things would look like if they all got together at the same Happy Hour? 1. Georgia: Need Girl to Please Teach Me to Kiss I’m a 20 year old GA Tech student who has never kissed. I […]

  • This Week’s Crazy Jobs

    The more I compile this list, the more I find out that the number of weird jobs in the world is truly bottomless. There are, however, demographic considerations: Many of them are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I searched locations like Nebraska, Miami, and even New York City, and couldn’t come up with […]

  • 8 of the World’s Most Bizarre Jobs (June 23-27)

    (Image credit: NCTimes.com) Are these jobs crazy, or are the people writing the ads crazy? You decide: 1. Alaska: I Need a Tiger Strong Office Manager No whimps need apply. If you really want to work, take charge and care about your job and the company that you work, I need to talk with you. […]