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  • 10 World-Famous Brands That Originally Offered Something Else Entirely

    They are among the most instantly recognizable brands on the planet, with products that variously feed, entertain and accommodate an incredible amount of people across the globe. But while each has performed remarkably well in its respective field, none of the following ten companies started out doing what they’re famous for doing today. From a […]

  • 5 Corporations Damaged by False Accusations

    False accusations can do irreparable damage to the reputations of major corporations. These companies often have to pay fines to restore their good names, to say nothing of the costs incurred due to advertising campaigns to regain the public’s faith. From Taco Bell to Toyota, many corporations have been forced to shell out big bucks […]

  • Taco Bell’s “Beef” Taco Filling Isn’t

    Image: Dario D., who did a fantastic fast-food ad vs. reality photo project on Alphaila. If you’ve seen the ingredients list for Taco Bell’s taco meat filling lately–most people don’t–you won’t see much actual meat. That’s why Alabama lawyers are suing the company for false advertising. When you only have 36% beef in your meat […]

  • Taco Bell to Advertise “Drive Thru Diet” With Christine Dougherty, Who Lost 54 lbs Eating Taco Bell

    Remember Jared Fogle, the man who slimmed down eating only Subway food? Now Taco Bell has its own weight-loss marketing weapon, “Christine,” who lost 54 lbs in 2 years by eating Taco Bell’s Fresco menu items. She is now featured as the star of the company’s Drive Thru Diet. ABC News reports: Along with Christine, […]