Saving Money on Overhead [Cartoon]


“We save a lot of money on overhead and taxes by having our office out here in this boat. If anyone needs to throw up, do it now.”

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Apple: Playing It Smart or Evading Taxes?

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How Corporations Get Out of Paying Taxes

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Round 1, Fight! Versus State Taxes

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The Unquenchable Thirst: Taxing America’s Oil Addiction

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Tax Tip of the Week: 3 Different Ways to File an Extension – NOW!

Happy April 15th! If you haven’t yet filed your taxes, there are several ways to file for an automatic 6-month extension. Don’t be late! Send in Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax… Read more

Tax Tip of the Week: Avoid Common Errors

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Tax Tip of the Week: Consider the Home Office Deduction

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Tax Tip of the Week: 5 Ways to Avoid IRS Penalties

If you’re like me you’re just now starting to feel the pressure from the taxman looming overhead. My documents are due to the accountants today. So far I’ve gotten to the pulled-the-folder-out-of-the-cabinet stage. I look forward to a taxing… Read more

Tax Tip of the Week: Understanding Retirement Distributions

Did you tap into your 401(k) or IRA in 2008? Naughty, naughty taxpayer. If you took an early distribution from your retirement plan, you should know you’ll probably be punished. Early Distributions From Retirement Accounts Are Hit With 10%… Read more

Tax Tip of the Week: Shift Income to Your Kids

What do wealthy parents know that you don’t? For starters, they’re well aware that children’s investment income is often taxed at a much lower rate than their parents’. This can include interest, dividends, capital gains and other unearned… Read more

Tax Tip of the Week: Understand Your Education Benefits

Isn’t it great when your employer subsidizes your higher education? Education is a wonderful benefit if you can get it and turning in that reimbursement form may feel great, but many employees are surprised when they find at the end of the year… Read more

How to Avoid a Tax Audit

Michael Rozbruch is a leading expert on resolving individual and small business problems with the IRS. He says tax audits are on the rise and worse – as a small-business owner, you are among the largest source of uncollected taxes. That makes… Read more