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  • Facebook and Britain Taxes

    Facebook is ditching its UK tax strategy following new ruling

    Facebook will stop booking sales to UK clients via its operations in Ireland. The practice is used by many tech companies in the region as they attempt to reduce tax bills. The British government recently introduced a new tax on profits that have been shifted offshore. In the future, Facebook will report its UK sales […]

  • Instagram Ads success

    Instagram has attracted more than 200,000 advertisers

    More than 200,000 advertisers have flocked to Instagram in the five months since Facebook started testing ads on the popular photo-sharing platform. Instagram opened its platform to a couple of hundred advertisers in June, the company said, and by September had opened the app to anyone wanting to purchase an ad. The company says three-quarters […]

  • Fitbit shares

    Fitbit shares flatten as forecast fails to impress

    Fitbit, the fitness tracker company that has dominated its space for years, has failed to impress investors and analysts after announcing that sales and earnings for the first quarter would fall far short of analysts’ forecasts. Fitbit, known for its wearable wristbands that track steps, calories burned and heartbeats, lost nearly 20% of its value on […]

  • Bill Gates supports FBI in Apple encryption case

    Bill Gates is the first tech mogul to support the FBIs case against Apple. The government agency has issued a court order demanding that Apple find a way to unlock the iPhone used by deceased San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook. “It is no different than … should anybody ever have been able to tell the […]

  • Facebook data open source project

    Facebook is taking on a major market to improve mobile internet standards

    Facebook started Internet.org in an attempt to deliver free and modestly priced internet to developing countries. While it’s “Free Basics” program has come under fire in India, the company isn’t slowing its attempts to deliver better and more sustainable internet to the masses. The social network has announced that it’s launching the Telecom Infra Project, […]

  • Amazon gaming platform Zombie clause in TOS

    Amazon’s new TOS has a zombie attack clause

    Amazon’s new game developers software, Lumberyard, has some very specific terms of service stipulations. Under no circumstances are programmers supposed to use the tools provided for “life-critical or safety-critical systems” — except in the event of the zombie apocalypse. The company’s TOS starts out with some serious warnings. For example, developers should not use the code for use […]

  • Conrad Parker out at Zenefits

    Zenefits CEO suddenly steps down

    Zenefits CEO and founder Parker Conrad is no longer sailing the ship. Conrad’s removal as CEO of the struggling startup was announced on Monday. Taking the helm is David Sacks, who was Zenefits’ COO and had previously worked at Microsoft after selling his company, Yammer, to the tech giant. In an email on Monday Sacks […]

  • Sundar Pichai

    Google CEO awarded $199 million in stock

    Google CEO Sundar Pichai is now one of the most well-compensated chief executives in the world. Google has awarded the well-known and admired Pichai with $199 million in Google stock. Google granted 273,328 Class C shares to Pichai on February 3, according to a regulatory filing. In order to fully cash out, Pichai will need […]

  • USB-C cords are frying electronics

    USB-C cords are frying multiple electronics at one time

    If you’re thinking about purchasing a cheap USB-C (Type-C) charging capable, you might want to second guess your buying decision. USB Type-C is a small, multipurpose, universal, reversible cable that is quickly becoming a new standard in electronics charging. It’s also responsible for multiple pieces of electronics at the same time. The new USB-C cords […]

  • Toshiba losses are worst than expected

    Toshiba shares tank after $6 billion loss

    Troubled electronics maker Toshiba has posted a loss of 710 billion yen or roughly $6 billion for the year. That’s a pretty big increase from an estimated loss of 550 billion reported in December. The news drove the stock price down 11% by the end of the trading day in Tokyo. Officials at the company said […]