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  • Tesla Model 3

    Tesla unveils the model 3 and people are going nuts

    Before the Tesla Model 3 could even be unveiled on Thursday night more than 115,000 people had put down $1,000 to reserve one of the vehicles. Those numbers only continued to climb after CEO Elon Musk debuted the new $35,000 electric car. The family sedan goes from zero to 60 in less than 6 seconds […]

  • Tesla Model 3 - Customers lining up outside stores

    Customers are lining up this morning to buy Tesla Model 3’s

    Earlier this week we reported on a guy in Australia who was waiting outside a Tesla dealership to pre-order the company’s upcoming Model 3. That practice is now spreading to other locations. Tesla will begin accepting $1,000 reservation deposits for its mid-priced Model 3 when stores open Thursday morning and buyers are ready to jump on-board […]

  • Tesla Model 3 Event

    The Tesla Model 3 will be unveiled on March 31

    The Tesla Model 3 will be unveiled at a small press event on March 31, but the electric car maker is already releasing a few details about the latest car. The details were released in invitations sent to current Tesla owners and the media. The most important detail released Wednesday is that there will be […]