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  • Apple Music Subscriber Numbers

    Apple Music Crosses 15 Million Users Milestone

    Apple Music has passed a major milestone, reaching 15 million users, including 6.5 million who are now paying for the service. Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the music products progress during a talk at WSJDLive, The Wall Street Journal’s global technology conference. 8.5 million customers are currently trying the service with three-month trials. Apple launched […]

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook

    Tim Cook Is ‘Still Bullish’ On Tablets Despite Sinking iPad Sales

    The Apple iPad is sinking and Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t believe there is cause for concern. During the company’s earnings call on Tuesday, Cook said he is “still bullish on the iPad,” despite slowing sales. According to Cook, “I think iPad upgrade cycle will eventually occur. We’re 6X greater in usage than nearest closest […]

  • Tim Cook Privacy Concerns

    Tim Cook Just Attacked The Rest Of Silicon Valley Over Privacy Policies

    Apple CEO Tim Cook is concerned that Google, Facebook, and other big Silicon Valley tech companies are abusing the personal information of customers. According to The Verge, in a speech delivered remotely to a dinner in Washington, DC hosted by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, where he was being deemed the “champion of freedom,” Cook said: “Our […]

  • What’s Filling In for Steve Jobs Worth?

    If you have to fill in for Steve Jobs, you might as well be handsomely rewarded. That’s exactly what happened to Apple COO Timothy Cook, who received a $12.3 million stock bonus this year. The Silicon Alley Insider has the story: Apple COO Timothy Cook ran the company brilliantly during CEO Steve Jobs’s six month […]