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  • 10 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

    An Apple iPad is arguably one of the most important productivity tools a busy, on-the-go entrepreneur can have — provided you have the right mobile apps installed. While Google Android-based tablets do have business and productivity apps, many of the best mobile apps appeared on the iPad first, or in some cases exclusively, and often […]

  • 10 Ways To Use Wearable Tech in Business

    If you’ve watched the “Star Trek: TNG” TV series with the “Captain Jean Luc Picard” character, you’re probably familiar with the Borg, a collective of multi-species cybernetic sentient beings and their “We will assimilate you” objective. The Borg had all kinds of wearable technology embedded into their bodies. In a sense, it’s possible that we […]

  • 10 Wealthiest Private Colleges and Universities by Endowment

    NACUBO (National Association of College and University Business Officers) recently published their yearly list of endowments for institutions of higher learning in the United States, its protectorates and Canada. Previously, we published a list of the top ten American universities and colleges by number of undergrad alumni billionaires. We wondered if that ranking or the […]

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    10 Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding

    Thanks to magazines, Bridezillas and Kim Kardashian, planning a wedding has become a feared stress-monster sure to gobble up all your money and sanity. In reality, there’s no reason why planning your wedding can’t be both fun and cheap. As long as you’re flexible and willing to put some extra time in, your ideal wedding […]

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    10 Tips for a Stress-Free Home Buying Experience

    Acquiring a house is a loathsome, byzantine process filled with unfamiliar terms such as “undiscovered lien”, “black mold”, and “pre-approval”.  In even the most patient people with good credit scores, it is bound to create a good deal of stress—especially as you anxiously wait for other people to make decisions.  But there are plenty of […]

  • 10 Schools with the Most Billionaire Undergrad Alumni

    The number of billionaires keeps increasing each year and certain colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning keep coming out on top for the most millionaire alumni. Here are our candidates for the top 10 institutions of higher learning by number of living billionaire undergrad alumni. To create our ranking, we started with the […]

  • 10 Great Business Tips Learned From Hardcore Pawn

    Les Gold with his children Seth and Ashley have been broadcasting parts of their business and lives in a reality television show titled, “Hardcore Pawn“. They run American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit, which is a city not well known for its friendly characters or abundant wealth, so even if you’ve never seen the show, […]

  • These are the top 10 cybersecurity threats for your business

    You may think cybersecurity is only an issue for alphabet soup agencies and large corporations. That it doesn’t apply to your own business. While it’s true that attacks on large corporations have grown in recent years (James Comey–director of the FBI–states, “there are two types of big companies…There are those who’ve been hacked, and those […]

  • 5 Years In: 10 Things We’ve Learned About Deepwater Horizon

    Image Source Close to five years and one week ago the Deepwater Horizon oil rig collapsed into the Gulf of Mexico, leading to a total of 87 days of oil slick expansion. At the time, 11 offshore workers were killed, 17 injured, and an oil slick covering 16,000 square miles began to form. As the […]

  • Drug Money: Top Ten Most Expensive Prescription Drugs

    Image Source It’s little wonder that prescription programs and insurance that covers prescription costs is such a big deal today. While a good deal of research time and money goes into developing some of the most groundbreaking medicines humans have ever had access to, many people wonder where these price tags come from. Are some […]

  • 10 Hacks to Increase Concentration At Work

    Image Source We’re not saying it’s you, but the average employee in America reports that they’re only highly engaged (or concentrating) for about 5% of their workday. Because it’s got to get boring staring at the desk, and it’s a crying shame that people so seldom actually catch up or (gasp) get ahead on their […]