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  • 10 Global Businesses that Worked With the Nazis

    It’s scary just how efficient the Nazis were at directing an entire country, including its population and industry, towards their evil goals. Everyone knows about the big three corporations that worked with the Nazis. Hugo Boss designed the intimidating uniforms of the SS (as well as the drabber brown shirts of the SA and Everyone […]

  • 10 Great Inventors You Never Knew Were Freemasons

    The history of the international fraternity of Freemasonry is riddled with secrets. Attempting to make a definitive account of its beliefs, rituals and influence would prove to be an extremely difficult, if not impossible, task. By their very nature, the Freemasons are a mysterious group, and although in the 21st century they claim to be […]

  • Small Garage Startups

    11 famous garage startups that now rule the world

    Million and billion dollar companies had to start somewhere and in the technology field that “somewhere” is often an unsuspecting garage. But it’s not just tech companies like Hewlett Packard and Apple that started in garages. Toy companies, motorcycle businesses, a nationally recognized candle company, and other popular companies also come from humble beginnings. While Hewlett Packard […]

  • 15 Awesome Luxury Treehouse Hotels

    The luxury treehouse hotel business is a pretty good way of disproving the old saying that money doesn’t grow on trees. When it comes to tourism, adventure-hungry vacationers are always looking for something new and exciting. And what could be more new and inspiring than a high-end treehouse getaway? It’s the best of both worlds, […]

  • 10 Entrepreneurs From The Middle Ages

    The Middle Ages aren’t exactly held as the paragon of economic opportunity. But if anything, that should just make the fact that there were highly successful entrepreneurs in the Middle Ages even more impressive. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, Europe was a blank slate. In an era of incredible uncertainty, here are ten […]

  • 10 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

    An Apple iPad is arguably one of the most important productivity tools a busy, on-the-go entrepreneur can have — provided you have the right mobile apps installed. While Google Android-based tablets do have business and productivity apps, many of the best mobile apps appeared on the iPad first, or in some cases exclusively, and often […]

  • 10 Ways To Use Wearable Tech in Business

    If you’ve watched the “Star Trek: TNG” TV series with the “Captain Jean Luc Picard” character, you’re probably familiar with the Borg, a collective of multi-species cybernetic sentient beings and their “We will assimilate you” objective. The Borg had all kinds of wearable technology embedded into their bodies. In a sense, it’s possible that we […]

  • 10 Wealthiest Private Colleges and Universities by Endowment

    NACUBO (National Association of College and University Business Officers) recently published their yearly list of endowments for institutions of higher learning in the United States, its protectorates and Canada. Previously, we published a list of the top ten American universities and colleges by number of undergrad alumni billionaires. We wondered if that ranking or the […]

  • 10 Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding

    Thanks to magazines, Bridezillas and Kim Kardashian, planning a wedding has become a feared stress-monster sure to gobble up all your money and sanity. In reality, there’s no reason why planning your wedding can’t be both fun and cheap. As long as you’re flexible and willing to put some extra time in, your ideal wedding […]