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  • mini Tesla Model S

    There’s now a Tesla Model S for kids to drive

    The Tesla Model S is now available in a smaller size — small enough for kids to drive! The replica is the brainchild of Tesla and American toy company, Radio Flyer. The famed toy wagon company and America’s most recognizable electric car manufacturer, teamed up to create a kid-sized Model S. The mini Model S, […]

  • Volkswagen compensation for US customers

    Volkswagen will offer generous compensation to US customers

    Volkswagen is preparing to offer a generous compensation package to the nearly 600,000 US owners of diesel vehicles whose emissions are over the legal limit. The head of the company’s claims fund, Kenneth Feinberg, told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, that the company is still decided on cash, car buy-backs, repairs, or replacement cars. Feinberg is no […]

  • Tata Motors and the Zika

    Tata Motors to rename car because of Zika virus outbreak

    Tata Motors is changing the name of its new hatchback because of the Zika Virus. The company is set to launch the vehicle in just a few short days, but decided the name “Zica” was too close to the viruses official name. Zika is the mosquito-borne virus that has caused a public health emergency in […]

  • Toyota Production Halted in Japan

    Toyota to halt production for an entire week

    Toyota has announced that it will halt production at all assembly lines across Japan for an entire week. The shortage is necessary because of a parts shortage that makes completing vehicles impossible. The Japanese company said Monday the shortfall was caused by an explosion about three weeks ago at a plant operated by one of […]

  • VW buy back program

    Volkswagen might buy back some emissions cheating diesel cars

    Volkswagen has not yet gained approval for any potential fixes for its emissions-cheating diesel cars, and now the company may be forced to buy back some of those vehicles. The German automaker has officially rejected demands by lawmakers and vehicle owners that it should repurchase cars with software designed to trick emissions tests. However, recent statements […]

  • Nissan Altima

    Nissan recalls 870,000 cars over hood latch problem

    Nissan Motor on Friday announce the recall of 870,000 cars in the United States and Canada for potentially faulty hood latches. This is the third time since 2014 that the automaker has recalled vehicles to address the problem. The Japanese automaker said it is recalling the 2013-2015 Nissan Altima, because its secondary hood latch may […]

  • Fiat Chrysler

    Fiat Chrysler reports better than expected Q4

    Fiat Chrysler’s fourth-quarter operating profit was higher than expected, the company revealed on Wednesday. The company’s sales were helped along by North America and improving operations in Europe, which offset weakness in Latin America and Asia. FCA, the world’s seventh-largest carmaker, forecast an adjusted operating profit of more than 5 billion euros and net debt falling […]

  • Lyft

    Lyft agrees to pay $12.25 million in driver lawsuit settlement

    Lyft has agreed to pay $12.25 million and offer new termination protections under a class action lawsuit settlement. Drivers under the agreement will still not be considered employees. Lyft was sued by its drivers after they claimed they were misclassified as independent contractors instead of employees. The drivers said they were entitled to expense reimbursement and overtime. […]