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  • Georgia Institute of Technology - Smartest Public University in America

    105 Smartest Public Colleges In America: An Awesome Education At A Fraction Of The Cost

    You don’t necessarily have to attend an Ivy league university to receive an amazing education and be surrounded by very smart and motivated young people. The 105 smartest colleges in American were pulled from stats at CollegeBoard which found that an in-state four-year public school education runs just $9,100 per year on average, that’s far cheaper than […]

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    The 25 best colleges in America under $25,000 a year

    Choosing what college to attend is one of the most important decisions in any high schooler’s life. (Right behind deciding who to take to prom and what Instagram filter to choose). Students want to go to the best colleges but high college tuition rates have been an issue over the past decade, causing many students […]