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  • Guantanamo Bay

    Pentagon report to outline plans for closing Guantanamo Bay

    The Pentagon is planning to send a proposal to Congress on Tuesday that outlines how the US could close the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba and move all of its remaining detainees. House and Senate Republicans are not expected to approve a plan, however, the defense agency must fulfill an obligation created by Congress […]

  • Iran Oil sales in Euros

    Iran wants oil payments to be made in Euros and not US dollars

    Officials in Iran are preparing to sell their oil to the world again, however, the country’s government is asking for payment in Euro’s instead of US dollars. “Our top priority is to receive cash and oil [payments] in euro,” Safar-Ali Karamati, a deputy director at the National Iranian Oil Company, told an Iran news outlet […]

  • US Passport

    Renew your Passport ASAP to avoid upcoming delays

    In the next three years 49 million US passports will expire. Government officials are warning anyone who needs a new passport to submit their request before the bulk of those expirations arrive through 2018. The flood of new requests is expected after a US law went into effect in 2007 that requires US citizens to […]