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  • engagement_tiffany_ring

    This Week’s Bizarro Occupations

    Financial crisis or not, weird jobs are out in full force this week. The first job ad, for a mortgage loan processor, is actually quite normal. However, its timing makes it too big a target to overlook. #2 on this week’s list is a trade; check out the storyline to see why it deserves a […]

  • tree

    This Week’s Crazy Jobs

    This week’s jobs comprise a true smorgasbord of the strange and unusual. Kudos if you can incorporate the word “smorgasbord” in a song: The folks listed at #3 will pay you $1.50. If you sing the song while up in a tree, then transport the wood to the casket company below, you’ll soon be in […]

  • steel

    This Week’s Crazy Jobs

    This week’s jobs have a lot to do with juveniles. The way they think, that is, not juveniles as a human resource. Jobs calling for erection foremen, jokes writers for a defecating cat, binge drinkers, and energy drink salespeople took me back to my high-school days–and mindset. If you’re the type of person who either […]

  • lampoon

    This Week’s Crazy Jobs

    If you’re a cheeky male Irish clone who sleeps less than 7 hours a night, habitually sells expensive lobby cards, has a housewife-melting smile, and knows National Lampoon movies like the back of your hand, you could get rich off this week’s jobs. 1. Delhi: Need a clone for Shaadi.com I need someone to clone […]

  • captain_mad

    This Week’s Crazy Jobs

    This week’s weird and wonderful gigs appear to be veering towards the medieval, with meat packers, hay stackers, dog tenders, and sea captains making the cut. The egg donor, automotive tester, and hacker positions, however, bely the fact that it’s 2008, not 1488… 1. Alaska: Meat Packers I need meat packers/camp helpers for the fall […]

  • This Week’s Crazy Jobs

    This week’s jobs have more of an international flavor, proving that the bizarre doesn’t end at the border. Here’s a Friday trivia question for you: If you had to choose one, would you rather be an oil company PR rep or comment spammer? Why? 1) Moscow: Oil & Gas Rep to Work with Companies in […]

  • This Week’s Crazy Jobs

    This week’s job ad freakshow includes monsters, party princesses, mob-resistant bankers, and dog bathers. Can you imagine what things would look like if they all got together at the same Happy Hour? 1. Georgia: Need Girl to Please Teach Me to Kiss I’m a 20 year old GA Tech student who has never kissed. I […]

  • This Week’s Crazy Jobs

    The more I compile this list, the more I find out that the number of weird jobs in the world is truly bottomless. There are, however, demographic considerations: Many of them are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I searched locations like Nebraska, Miami, and even New York City, and couldn’t come up with […]

  • 8 of the World’s Most Bizarre Jobs (June 23-27)

    (Image credit: NCTimes.com) Are these jobs crazy, or are the people writing the ads crazy? You decide: 1. Alaska: I Need a Tiger Strong Office Manager No whimps need apply. If you really want to work, take charge and care about your job and the company that you work, I need to talk with you. […]

  • 8 of the World’s Most Unusual Jobs (June 15-20)

    i (Image credit: Dallas Vintage Shop) Unemployed? Jaded on traditional jobs? The world of job boards offers some bizarre alternatives for gig-searchers. Here are this week’s best: 1. India: Looking for QC Welders to Work in Saudi Arabia Hey, we are looking for qc welders to work in companies in Saudi Arabia, these are the […]