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  • 5 of the Most Competitive Jobs

    Share     Today, finding a decent job can be so difficult that it almost seems like there are no ‘most’ competitive job markets — because it’s all of them. But while finding a job in social media or accounting might feel harrowing, there are some occupations that are virtually impossible to fill. You’re more […]

  • 5 Jobs with the Highest Fatality Rates

      Share   The job industry has changed drastically since computers have taken over just about everything. 2/3 of employees sit at computers for their jobs, and over 80% of Americans work in jobs that require little to no physical activity. While desk-workers tend to suffer from obesity (1/3 of Americans are obese), there are […]

  • The 10 Best People in Your Office

      Share Let’s face it: working sucks.  Each day you are required to wake up at some ungodly hour, actually make yourself presentable, and then spend 8 wearying hours dealing with people you probably aren’t that fond of.  Worst of all, they expect you to do all this while wearing pants.  You might even have […]

  • Giving Up Certain Goals and Sexy Shoes

    I spent last week working on something I love that doesn’t pay very well. Okay – at this point it doesn’t pay at all, but that’s not the point. Taking that much time to focus on the one thing that I know to be the work I’m supposed to do made all those other goals […]