Tagged – 5 Things About Me

Todd Sattersten tagged me in a game where I am supposed to tell blog readers 5 things they didn't know about me. That shouldn't be too hard, since I rarely blog about anything other than business. I'll play along partially, listing my five things but letting the path end without me tagging other people.

1. I went through my entire school career one year early because of a mixup. I was accidentally put in a kindergarten class when I was 4 and my mother was afraid I would feel bad if I didn't graduate with my friends.

2. I've known Mrs. Businesspundit since we were both about 12 years old. We grew up just down the street from each but we never dated until we were in our 20s.

3. I've had my nose broken 3 times – all of them sports related.

4. I lived one year in college without a television because neither my roommate nor I owned one. A few years later when I graduated and moved to Florida, I lived 5 months without one until I got married and Mrs. Businesspundit made me buy one. People always ask what I did. All I remember is reading and playing lots of basketball.

5. I spent nearly 4 years designing FPGAs for the Comanche helicopter, only to have the Army cancel the project. All that work was moot.

As you can see, my life in not nearly as interesting as business, which is why I always blog about latter.

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