Take Inspiration for 2009 Business Resolutions

There are only a few days left to make 2009 New Year’s resolutions for your business. If you’re self-motivated, you’ve probably already made your list, or at least spent some shower time thinking about what you’ll do differently in the new year.

If you’re like me, you need some inspiration. Here are some launching points to get you thinking about what your own business resolutions might look like. It’s amazing how different businesses have many of the same issues to improve. I’ve included my favorite line item from each list.

Bootstrapping Blog – This great list from 2007 has bolded line items especially for bloggers.

Guest Post on 2 blogs each month.

Small Business Trends– David Bohl hits the fundamentals in this list of resolutions related to basic business functions.

Backup, backup, backup. What would happen to your business come tomorrow if you woke up and found out that your computer with all your finances, customer information and invoices had died?

About Retailing –  Shari Waters provides a wonderful list of resolutions for retailers.

Increase Marketing. Begin tailoring your marketing efforts to your target audience. If you don’t spread the word, no one will know you exist.

Etsy– Crafters are business people too!

Take paintings to a new level – series of BIG canvases as part of gallery collection.

Loan Processor Blog – Don’t think you have anything in common with loan processors? Think again.

How much time did I spend getting my name out to potential new clients this past year? Are things I could do differently next year that would allow me to get in front of potential new borrowers [editors/corporate PR departments] that could lead to more loan applications [lucrative writing assignments]?

Let us know what you’re inspired to work on this year! 

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Image Credit: Mykl Roventine, Flickr