Taking on Cisco

Simon Lok is taking on Cisco and Lucent.

Simon Lok is brash and brilliant and intense, a 26-year-old computer scientist with a teensy company and big, conqueror dreams. He has developed an elegant little networking box that shuts out intruders and costs 80% less than the gear hawked by the giants he despises–Cisco, Lucent, those guys. "I want to kill them all," he says. "I want to crush them, because these incumbents are selling stuff that doesn't work, and that annoys me. They're engaged in profiteering. There's nothing wrong with making money, but not when you're selling things that don't work right."

That is a bold goal, and he definitely has challenges ahead of him. But he seems like your typical iconoclast, which should help. This is definitely a company to watch.

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