Taliban app removed from Google Play store

Taliban app in Google Play store

Google has removed a mobile app created by the Taliban from its Google Play store.

SITE Intel Group, a website devoted to tracking jihadists online, discovered the app on Friday and alerted the silicon valley company to its existence.

The app was developed and distributed to spread propaganda for the terrorist organization.

A Google spokesman declined to comment on the app disappearing from its store. Google has a policy in place that keeps the company from discussing why it removes certain pieces of software.

The company did note that it removes any apps from Google Play that violate its policies.

Social media and the internet at large are being used by an increasing number of terrorist organizations to spread their propaganda and recruit fighters.

Typically mobile apps that are created by terrorist organizations would not pass stringent checks performed by Google and Apple, although Google has been known to be more lax with its acceptance policies.

The Taliban app, called “Alemarah,” gave people the ability to keep up with the latest Taliban news. They could watch videos made by the group, and read stories and updates written in Pashto.

The Taliban also shares its info through an active channel on Twitter and through the encrypted messaging app Telegram.

While the Taliban has been playing catch up in recent years, groups like ISIS have adapted to social media and other channels en masse.

Written by Franklin Simmons

Franklin Simmons

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