Taxes and Spending

Craig Henry has a good post on taxes. I really like this part:

Big philosophical question– what does citizenship mean in a democracy where the majority of eligible voters pay less than 5% of the income taxes. On spending issues, it is no longer a matter of "we should do this" but rather "they should pay for that."

I personally don't think the tax cut was needed to stimulate the economy, since I think it is primed and ready to grow (though not yet at late 90s pace). But I won't complain about having more money!

I think there is a lot of confusion over taxes and "fairness". We all agree that taxes should be fair, but everyone disagrees on what fair means. On a similar note, there is an article in the Marketplace section of the WSJ today about 1913, when people were asking for an income tax. I can't link to it since I only have the print edition.