Taylor Swift’s Apple ad increased Drake’s sales by 431%

Taylor Swift Apple Ad and Drake sales

Here’s the true power of Taylor Swift.

Apple recently started airing an ad featuring the current reigning queen of pop music and the ad caused Drake and Future’s song “Jumpman” to experience a 431% increase in worldwide sales on iTunes.

In the ad, Taylor Swift was filmed working out to the track.

The ad was promoting one of Apple’s curated “gymflow” playlists, which has seen a 325% increase in plays, Apple Music head of content Larry Jackson told Adweek.

The Taylor Swift ad was produced by Apple without an ad agency. Jackson says Taylor Swift is going to appear in future Apple Music ads going forward.

Apple is no stranger to taking indie songs and turning them into massive hits, their iconic iPod commercials made instant stars out of such musicians at Will.I.am way back in 2004.

This ad, however, shows that the iTunes platform still has some juice left in terms of generating actual paid downloads, despite the popular adoption of streaming music services.

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Here’s the Taylor Swift ad that has skyrocketed Drake’s sales.