Technical Execution at HP


Here is a great article about Randy Mott, CIO of Hewlett Packard. The thing to pick up on from this article is the importance of having management skills and not just technical prowess in order to get things done.

Mott's greatest strength may be that while a technologist, he has the management skills to actually make it take root in a company's culture. Linda Dillman, a onetime Wal-Mart CIO and now its executive vice-president for risk management and benefits administration, recalls how Mott championed the deployment of IT by showing how it achieved Wal-Mart's business goals.

  • “centralizing HP’s balkanized information systems, even while working to decentralize the operational control”…it is difficult to do this in practice in a complex organization. Sooner or later, the operational people will need to do something that doesn’t fit the centralized IT system, and will have difficulty getting it done in a timely basis by the central organization.

    I expect that the relevant compexity factors are higher at HP than at either WMT or Dell.

  • Rob

    Great point. It will be interesting to see if Mott can replicate his previous successes in his new role.