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  • Brain Hacking 101

    Remember those anti-drug commercials in the 1980s? “This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs. Any Questions?” Chances are just by hearing that slogan you automatically hear and egg cracking and sizzling in your imagination. This can give us great insight into how memory works and how it can be exploited.   Your […]

  • New Options For Moving

    When you were in college it was no big deal to help your friends move. You threw some stuff into garbage bags, packed it into someone’s car, drove across town, and enjoyed some pizza and beer. Since then everyone has acquired quite a bit more stuff and the pizza and beer isn’t so much of […]

  • You’ll Be Wearing Your Next Computer

    Virtual reality is a big business, and it’s projected to reach $30 billion a year by 2020. Everyone is trying to get in on this trend now that it’s not relegated to video games and science fiction anymore. Meta is developing an AR headset that comes with 3-D software development software, aiding the race to […]

  • Elon Musk and Chore Fixing Robots

    Elon Musk wants to build robots that do chores

    Elon Musk wants to build robots that can handle our daily chores. Musk on Tuesday announced alongside other leaders of non-profit artificial intelligence group Open AI jointly that they are “working to enable a physical robot … to perform basic housework.” “We believe that learning algorithms can eventually be made reliable enough to create a […]

  • Microsoft Zika Mosquito Trap

    Microsoft is building a mosquito trap to fight the Zika virus

    Microsoft has jumped into the rush to fight back against the Zika virus. Working on the Gulf Coast of Texas, the Windows and Xbox manufacturer is testing a new high-tech mosquito trap. Health officials believe the new trap will improve their ability to fight infectious diseases. The traps will be operational by early July, and […]

  • Dell Software sales

    Dell is selling its software business for $2 billion

    Dell is selling its software business for more than $2 billion. The software division is being acquired by Francisco Partners and the private equity arm of activist hedge fund Elliott Management. All parties have confirmed the sale but have not revealed any further details. Dell has been working hard to refocus its tech portfolio while bolstering […]

  • Twitter buys Magic Pony Technology

    Twitter has bought a London startup called Magic Pony for $150 million

    Twitter has announced the acquisition of Magic Pony Technology, a London startup focused on machine learning technology. The company was bought for $150 million (£102 million), TechCrunch reports. A blog post written by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says that “Magic Pony’s technology – based on research by the team to create algorithms that can understand the features […]

  • Game of Thrones - HBO Now

    HBO Now goes down during ‘Game of Thrones’

    Game of Thrones viewers went ballistic on Sunday night after HBO Go experienced an outage during the live airing of the popular series. The outage quickly led to anger as fans of the show took to social media to vent their frustrations. “I expect a FULL refund! This is completely unacceptable !!” tweeted @bobbinewman. “We’re […]