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  • Twitter buys Magic Pony Technology

    Twitter has bought a London startup called Magic Pony for $150 million

    Twitter has announced the acquisition of Magic Pony Technology, a London startup focused on machine learning technology. The company was bought for $150 million (£102 million), TechCrunch reports. A blog post written by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says that “Magic Pony’s technology – based on research by the team to create algorithms that can understand the features […]

  • Game of Thrones - HBO Now

    HBO Now goes down during ‘Game of Thrones’

    Game of Thrones viewers went ballistic on Sunday night after HBO Go experienced an outage during the live airing of the popular series. The outage quickly led to anger as fans of the show took to social media to vent their frustrations. “I expect a FULL refund! This is completely unacceptable !!” tweeted @bobbinewman. “We’re […]

  • Blue Origin

    Blue Origin successfully crashes a space tourism capsule

    A Blue Origin rocket has now made four safe trips into space and this time around it landed with only two of its three parachutes open. The space tourism company landed its Blue Shepherd rocket again Sunday following an unmanned test flight from its launch site in West Texas. Blue Origin wants to offer its customers […]

  • FBI

    The FBI’s facial recognition program can search 411 million images

    The FBI operates a specialized face-recognition program that can search more than 411.9 million images of faces, including driver’s license, visa and passport databases, according the Government Accountability Office. A new report by the government watchdog agency shows the unprecedented scale of the FBI’s operations. The report criticizes the FBI for not giving the public adequate […]

  • VerticalScope Hack

    A mega-hack has hit 1,100 websites and affects 45 million users

    Websites hacks are being announced at an alarming rate and this newest announcement shows just how vulnerable so many websites are to breaches. A hack at VerticalScope, which is responsible for more than 1,000 popular websites and forums, including,, and, has affected nearly 45 million accounts. LeakedSource reported the hack and said passwords […]

  • Andela Startup

    Zuckerberg has backed a startup harder to get into than Harvard

    Mark Zuckerberg has joined Google in backing Andela, a two-year-old startup that trains software developers in Africa and then helps place them in full-time roles with international companies. Andela has grown quickly to 200 engineers with offices in Nairobi, Kenya, and Lagos, Nigeria. On Thursday, the startup announced a funding round of $24 million in a round […]

  • Bank of America jobs are going away

    Bank of America has closed nearly 25% of its branches

    The digital revolution has forced Bank of America to shut down nearly one-fourth (23%) of its physical branches since 2009. The company also now has 37% fewer workers, according to a presentation on Wednesday. Bank of America plans to cut another 8,000 jobs from its consumer business over time. The bank teller and back-office positions […]

  • Why Googling Your Symptoms Is A Really Bad Idea [Infographic]

    Manipulating search engines is a big business, though if you aren’t aware you might not realize how much effort and money is put into making sure you see the search results you see. It even holds true when it comes to medical diagnoses. Marketers play off your fears to push their company’s miracle cure or […]

  • Shazam was set to be a failure and then all of a sudden it wasnt

    Shazam’s cofounder gave his company a 4% chance of working now it’s worth $1 billion

    When Shazam cofounder Dhiraj Mukherjee started his music discovering service in the early days he gave it a 4% chance of working. Speaking at the Startup Grind Europe conference in London, Mukherjee said he calculated the figure in the company’s early days when he realizes Shazam’s complex technology had just a 25% chance of actually working. […]

  • Rhapsody and Napster name

    Here comes Napster again

    Napster is making a comeback — in name only. In 2011, music streaming service Rhapsody purchased the remains of the once popular music sharing service. Napster was launched as a free music sharing site that became home to pirated music and was eventually shut down after facing dozens of lawsuits. The service helped consumers accessed […]

  • Apple Adds Siri To Desktops

    SAN FRANCISCO — Apple announced Monday that it is bringing Siri, its intelligent assistant technology, to its Mac line of computers as part of an update to the Mac operating system. Mac owners will be able to use Siri to search for information on the Web and files on their computers. Apple first incorporated Siri […]