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  • Bill Gates Clean Energy Fund

    Bill Gates Is Investing Billions In New Clean Energy Fund

    Bill Gates and a group of international investors are pouring billions of dollars into clean energy. Microsoft’s co-founder will announce the new plan at the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, a climate change summit in Paris that will also be attended by President Obama and French President Francois Hollande. The new fund includes more than two dozen public […]

  • Diet Sodas May Create Same Heart Attack Risk As Regular Sodas

    University Returns $1 Million Coca-Cola Contribution Because… Obesity

    The University of Colorado School of Medicine has decided to return a $1 million contribution from Coca-Cola. The school was starting a group dedicated to ending obesity and critics were quick to call out the Global Energy Balance Network for discounting the effects sugar has on obesity. The organization was established to take an “evidence-based […]

  • NASA Astronaut Hiring

    New Job Opening At NASA: Astronauts Wanted

    Do you enjoy staring into the vast expanses of space? Is your idea of a good time floating in a weightless environment for months at a time. Then you’re in luck. NASA on Wednesday shared an Instagram post calling for new astronauts while explaining its application process. “From pilots and engineers, to scientists and medical […]

  • Shire Attempts to Acquire Baxalta

    Shire Bids $30 Billion To Acquire Baxter International Spin-Off Baxalta

    Drugmaker Shire is hoping to acquire Baxalta, the spin-off of Baxter International. The company is offering $30 billion to form the leading global specialist in rare diseases. Shire said its unsolicited offer of 0.1687 Shire American depositary receipts per share valued each Baxalta share at $45.23. Upon news of the acquisition offer shares in Baxalta jumped 19 percent […]

  • NASA Discovers Earth Like Planet

    NASA Just Discovered The ‘First’ Second Earth

    NASA scientists and astronomy geeks have spent years looking for Earth-like planets that could potentially sustain human life. The problem with that search has been finding an exoplanet that features all of the necessary components to allow for human survival. An Earth-like planet orbiting a different sun thousands of light years away might seem like […]

  • 4 New Aspects of Science that Could Make Surgical Technologists Obsolete

    Share Mechanical engineering and robotic surgery hasn’t yet reached the level where it can completely replace trained and skilled doctors, surgeons and surgical technologists, but it has gotten off to a good start. There are machines and devices that have been developed in both the public and private sectors that can not only complete complex […]

  • 9 Ways Christianity Battles Science

    Share Science and Religion… here are two things that do not go together like birds of a feather, or peas in a pod, or pork chops in applesauce.  But the two have to live together one way or another seeing as the world is technologically and scientifically developing at nearly the speed of light while […]

  • How Emotions Drive Your Decisions

    Image: Digital Shotgun/Flickr This is a guest post by Mary Lamia, Ph.D. Your emotional system can give you an advantage in your decision-making if you make proper use of it. Your emotions will drive the decisions you make today, and your success may depend upon your ability to understand and interpret them. Many people think […]

  • 50 Neuroscience Links for Business

    Know your fellow man and you’ll know business. Know your own mind and you’ll know your fellow man. Catching up on how science sees our minds can benefit you socially, personally, and in the workplace. Here are 50 neuroscience links that will amp up your business circuitry. Skills You can use neuroscience and neuropsychology to […]