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  • jive New tools 2016

    Jive Software unveils deeper communication integrations for business

    Jive Software on Tuesday announced a new update to its business solutions. The newest enhancements include a new social media listening integration with Sysomos, a new corporate communications solution that delivers increased organizational transparency and a new Jive Chime update for team collaboration. “We continue to innovate employee and customer engagement experiences that are at the core of […]

  • Venmo IDEK

    Venmo will delay your payment if you use the popular ‘Idek’ term

    Venmo, the PayPal owned payments app, will delay your payment if you use the popular internet term, “Idek,” when sending your payment. Typically that term translates to “I don’t even know” but it also has a more nefarious meaning. The term also refers to an abbreviation for “Islami Dawat-e-Kafela,” a pseudonym that The Verge, points out is […]

  • Faxing To The Future [Infographic]

    When was the last time you sent a fax? To be fair, if you’re in the business world you probably send faxes on a regular basis.  Though there are certainly many people out there who don’t see a reason to still use fax in the age of email, there are several legitimate reasons to send […]

  • Opera Browser

    Chinese investors offer $1.2 billion to buy Opera browser

    A group of Chinese investors have offered $1.2 billion to acquire Opera Software. The group includes Chinese Internet firms Kunlun and Qihoo, backed by two Chinese private equity funds. Founded in Norway 20 years ago, the company features more than 350 million users who browse the web from its desktop and mobile software. Opera debuted at […]

  • iTunes Radio is no longer free

    Free ad-supported iTunes Radio is dead

    Today marks the official end of free ad-supported iTunes Radio stations. Apple announced earlier in the month that it would get rid of the free ad-supported version of its Pandora competitor. Instead, iTunes Radio has been folded into Apple Music. Apple’s Beats 1 radio, DJ-hosted station, is now being marketed as Apple’s only “premier free broadcast.” Apple […]

  • Apple Safari Crashing

    Apple Safari browser is crashing all over the world

    If your Apple Safari browser has been crashing you’re sadly not alone. Customers of the company’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac products have been reporting full-on crashes with their devices. On the Apple support forums, a post points to Safari’s search suggestions box as the source of the glitch. Typing anything into the box appears to crash […]

  • Google Android secrets revealed by Oracle

    Oracle reveals Google Android secrets in court

    Oracle last week began sharing closely guarded Google Android secrets in court. According to the company, Android has earned $31 billion in sales and $22 billion in profit for Google since 2008. Those numbers were revealed by Oracle’s attorney Annette Hurst said in a U.S. District Court hearing in San Francisco on January 14, according […]

  • Google Chrome speeds to improve in release 46

    Google Chrome is about to get way faster

    Google is starting to roll out a new update to its Chrome browser that promises to greatly speed up load times. The update contains a new data compression algorithm called Brotli, which Google first unveiled in September. The new algorithm reduces page sizes 26% more than Chrome’s previous compression tool, Zopfli. In a Google+ post, […]