TeeBeeDee – Social Networking For Baby Boomers

To say that Robin Wolaner had a successful business career is an understatement. After her last venture, she took some time off to write Naked in the Boardroom, and wasn’t sure if she would do another startup again. Breast cancer drover her back to entrepreneurship. Health problems make most people weaker, but to Robin, it seemed to be a motivator. She realized that her generation is very different than previous generations, and that they needed a way to connect, talk, and learn about the things that were important to them. The result is TeeBeeDee, best described a social network for baby boomers.

When I talk about building stuff for “real people,” this is what I mean. TeeBeeDee is a great example of technology use that isn’t geared towards programmers and hyperactive web users. If you are a baby boomer, check it out and let the TBD team know what you think. You can also hear Robin talk about her startup in this video.

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