Television Gets Blamed For Voter Apathy

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Television Gets Blamed For Voter Apathy

I think this study may be on to something. I couldn't find a formal paper, so I guess this is just a press release for now. An excerpt:

Television news programmes may be contributing to current political apathy, according to a new report funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. An in-depth study of more than 5600 TV news reports in both Britain and the US between September 2001 and February 2002 reveals that the news media may be encouraging a disengaged citizenry by representing the public as generally passive and apolitical.
"This study was prompted by growing concern about the poor and declining voter turnout in both Britain and the United States," explains Professor Justin Lewis of Cardiff University. "Although we have recently seen people taking part in huge protests – whether for the countryside or against the war – this engagement doesn't seem to connect to an interest in representative politics."

I blame Seinfeld. It's the only show to create apathy towards everything.

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