Ten Things VPs Never Say

This post is funny, but only because so much of it is true. Here is a sample.

2. Team A is more important than Team B. Like parents, most VPs tend to project equality over things that are not equal ("You're all my favorite children" – Sure we are). In reality every VP knows which teams matter more to his organization and in private treats them as such. The fear is that people on team B will be upset if they learn their status – but I've seen the opposite. If team A is clearly more important towards the overal goals, and team B wants the org to suceed, it's in their interest to prioritize around team A when appropriate. There's no shame in in playing a strong supporting role. Every team sport in history teaches that some roles, at some times, are more important. You win or lose based on how well everyone plays their role at the right time.

Check it out…especially if you are a VP.

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