Tesla already has someone waiting in line for the Model 3

Tesla Model 3 - First guy to wait in line

Tesla hasn’t even revealed the Model 3 and there is people lining up to hopefully place their name at the top of the waiting list for the yet to be produced vehicle.

Okay so it’s only one guy in Australia, but he’s been camping out in front of his local Tesla store for a full two days.

That’s quite the dedication for a car that hasn’t even been revealed to the public yet.


The camper and future Model 3 owner is Andreas Stephens and he’s been waiting patiently in front of the Tesla store in Sydney, Australia so that he can get try and get his car sooner than other non-priority level customers.

Here he is waiting to get his hands on the new vehicle — or at least a pre-order in this case.

Stephens has not yet owned a Tesla and that means he isn’t a priority customer. So even though he’s first in line, and potentially in the world, he won’t actually be the first to get the car when it starts delivering in two years.

In the US, Tesla will be taking Model 3 orders and collecting $1,000 refundable deposits on launch day: Thursday, March 31.

Written by John Howard

John Howard

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