Tesla Just Unveiled a Metal Car-Charging Snake, And It’s Awesome

Tesla Metal Car-Charging Snake

Back in late December, Elon Musk put out a tweet teasing the world about “a charger that automatically moves out from the wall & connects like a solid metal snake.” This almost sounded like a joke, but then we remembered it’s Elon Musk and he builds rocket ships in his spare time.

The “metal car-charging snake” is an automated charging system that would either be attached to your garage wall or possibly even built right into it. Once your Tesla car comes strolling in to place, and the cap is opened, the metal car-charging snake begins its journey to its charging port.

One could only assume the Tesla charging port sends out some sort of bluetooth signal to the end of the metal car-charging snake to guide it into place. Similar to how jets refuel in mid-air.

It’s been referred to as a “metal car-charging snake” because, well, it looks just like one.  It almost looks like it has a mind of its own as you can see it bend and turn as it tries to find the Tesla’s charging port.

Tesla Metal Car-Charger

The car that is in the video is Tesla’s Model S which has been out since 2012. The Model S will run you about $70,000 so it seems only fair that it should have a metal car-charging snake as an accessory.

There has not been any statements from Musk yet about how much the charger will cost, if anything, or how it will be included in the home. It may even be included in Tesla’s already existing charging stations found in hundreds of locations around the the U.S.

Either way, the metal car-charging snake is freaking cool and just another reason to argue that Elon Musk is the real-life Tony Stark.