Texting at Work: Slacker Habit or Super Efficient?


The other day I was at a business luncheon and the woman across from me was texting like a fiend. Her thumbs were a blur. I was grateful. Her bad behavior made me feel better about my own. Because who hasn’t checked an email under a table, pretending others can’t see?

After a few minutes this woman, a reporter, turned to me and asked about something the speaker had just said that she’d missed. She made a point of mentioning that people are always giving her the hairy eyeball because they assume she’s just checking Facebook or picking out a happy hour, when she’s actually taking story notes.

So apparently she’s not just a savvy business woman, but also a little psychic.

What do you think when you see someone tapping away? Do you figure it’s important business, or just frivolous socializing? And now that we can use our phones to do so many things (like check facts or take story notes) what’s the etiquette for using them in business situations?

Image Credit: Ada Harverd, Flickr