Texting from 30,000 Feet

We’re at the point in our communication-centered world where we have the necessity to be connected at all times. Whether it’s on the phone, online, or in person, being “off the grid” is not really an option for most people. There are certain times when these networks are simply unavailable, and traveling poses a threat to this connectivity. During a flight, when the captain turns of the fasten seatbelt sign, cell phone and laptop use is allowed – but without WiFi, which some airlines now offer at a price, communication with the rest of the world is limited. This is where Toktumi Inc.’s newest app, Line2, comes in.

I can make calls or something? Other apps let me do that. Big deal.

Line2 is Toktumi’s newest never-miss-a-moment app for the iFamily. Using this app, Line2 can transform your iPod or iPad into a device that is just as capable as your iPhone. By “copying” the iPhone OS, Line2 allows you to turn your iPod Touch or iPad into a second phone line. What makes it different than other WiFi or 3G communications apps is its ability to interact like a core iPhone system. What this means is that if someone calls your iPhone number while you are on a Line2 call, your Line2 call will not cancel out – like it would on other apps of its kind. With Line2, you get the option to decline the incoming call, whether you’re on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Yeah, it is a big deal.

Okay, okay. I guess that’s kinda cool. But who wants to hear a loud conversation on a plane?

No one. Enter the Line2 Version 3.0 app. With this application, you can use any of your iDevices to send SMS text messages to anyone in your address book. Line2 combines carrier-grade texting and VoIP in one neat little package, turning your device of choice into a full-feature mobile phone. Texting makes communication without annoyance possible. Furthermore, Line2 keeps all text conversations in a thread, as with an iPhone, so there is no need to try to remember what was said at what time. All of the information is right there at your fingertips.

Alright, I’m sold. So now what?

Now you can keep in contact with anyone in your address book from 30,000 feet. Not only can you keep in contact with them, but by having the ability to make unlimited WiFi calls and send unlimited texts, you can turn your iPod or iPad into a second cell phone. This is a great option for businesspeople and frequent flyers. The Line2 app will allow you full coverage and unlimited accessibility without the pressure and commitment of a monthly contract. And with today’s need for constant connection, it’s a surprise that we ever settled for anything less.