The 10 best cities to start your career in the US

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Finding the right career can be tricky for any young adult but it’s a critical decision that impacts the rest of your life. Getting in with the right company early on in your career can catapult you up the latter of success for years to come.

Going to the right college or university can definitely help, but once you graduate, it is up to you to find your way into the right career.

In this economy, it can be tough to find a job, let alone start a new career that you will enjoy for years to come. There are a lot of economic and political factors that make it difficult to succeed in many locations in the United States.

When deciding which cities to start your career, there are a handful of factors that you should typically take into consideration. Those factors include job prospects, pay potential, career advancement, social opportunities, and quality of life.

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By analyzing those five variables in the top 100 US cities (those with populations above 250,000 and a per capita GDP of above $40,000), was able to determine which cities are most ideal for starting a new career.

Metrics including employment rates, average salaries, and cost of living, among others, were scored on a scale of 1-100 (with 100 being the best).

Here are the top 10 best cities to start your career in the US.

New York, New York

New York

Job Prospects: 94

Pay Potential: 6

Career Advancement:1

Social Opportunities: 1

Quality of Life: 14

Chicago, Illinois


Job Prospects: 54

Pay Potential: 15

Career Advancement: 4

Social Opportunities: 3

Quality of Life: 33

Washington, DC


Job Prospects: 40

Pay Potential: 4

Career Advancement: 3

Social Opportunities: 4

Quality of Life: 57

Dallas, Texas

Dallas Texas

Job Prospects: 31

Pay Potential: 21

Career Advancement: 8

Social Opportunities: 5

Quality of Life: 93

San Francisco, California

San Francisco

Job Prospects: 78

Pay Potential: 2

Career Advancement: 5

Social Opportunities: 10

Quality of Life: 1

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Written by Katie Henderson

Katie Henderson

Katie Henderson is the Strategy editor at Business Pundit. She writes articles that help business owners, executives, and employees better understand how to run a business and work as effective employees.