The $100 Million Giveaway – VCs Share Their Ideas

Business 2.0 has a cool article that asks a handful of VCs what they want to invest in. These VCs have funds allotted to these ideas, so if you have a prototype that matches one of them, send an email to the relevant VC. The mix this year is less web-centric than last year's article on the same topic. I take that as a good sign. Sometimes I feel like business blogs view anything non-web as a waste of time, but there are still plenty of places to make money outside of the Internet.

  • “Alternative ” an energy source.
    The sense of experiment consists in the following.
    It is known, that conductivity of aluminium at temperature of liquid nitrogen in 10 times greater, than at a room temperature.
    Therefore we shall make the elementary transformer consisting of two identical windings from an aluminium wire. Having placed this transformer in the cooled volume, we have the right to expect in a secondary winding a much greater current, than in primary at equal electric pressure on windings.
    The received device will be the amplifier of power. If expenses for service of the amplifier will appear smaller, than the income of a difference between consumed and power on an output, the device will be profitable.
    Excuse if translation bad.

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