The 100 Most Mentioned Brands on Twitter


Brand Republic has a list of the 100 most mentioned brands on Twitter. Here are the top 10:

1 Starbucks
2 Google
4 Apple
6 Amazon
7 Microsoft
8 Guardian
9 Dell
10 Coca-Cola


Note that fewer than half of the brands have Twitter accounts (including Apple). A strong brand will generate buzz no matter what, but it surprises me that most of the brands on the list haven’t set up Twitter accounts anyway. Twitter provides a way to boost even the most popular brands through intelligent campaigning, like Starbucks’ recent posters.

What are companies waiting for?

  • Twitter is a craze now-a-days and much talked about. Brands that use twitter have a more cool and agile/young image than others.
    At the same time someone following your Brand via Twitter indirectly opts in for your Marketing team to bombard cool messages and increases your Brand recall too. Thats cheaper than having those millions drowned in advertizing that didn’t click ! Right ?

  • I would’ve thought that all companies/brands already had Twitter accounts, simply because they’re free!

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  • Twitter is realy good becouse it is a popular side & free also
    any brand can make there accounts….

  • john

    Today every one use twitter it become popular & popular in all country…..