The 15 Most Expensive Sports Stadiums In The United States

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13. Soldier Field – Chicago Bears 2003 renovation, $802 million

soldier field

Originally opening in 1924, Soldier Field makes this list for it’s near $1 billion renovation in 2003. Whats crazy about the Bears renovation is it essentially put a brand new stadium inside an old stadium. Pretty impressive, right?

12. Rogers Centre – Toronto Blue Jays 1989, $914 million after inflation

Rogers Centre

Making this list on a  technicality, Rogers Centre actually cost $570 when it was built in 1989. Considering the insanity of the cost then, it only makes sense to see what that would change to with inflation. Conservative estimates put the inflated cost at $914 million, while some crazier ones place it at $960 million, which would leap frog it over the next entry on our list.

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Written by Scott Croker

Scott Croker

Scott Croker is a sports nut and education enthusiast from the San Francisco Bay Area with a message he plans to shout from the rooftops. Or in all caps on his computer screen. When not living his writing dream he works in the special education department of a charter high school in Los Angeles. He is also the head coach of the school’s upstart football team.