The 25 Hottest Wives of Business (10-1)

10. J.K. Rowling



J. K. (Joanne) Rowling, 43, author of the Harry Potter series, married to Dr. Neil Murray, 38, Scottish anesthesiologist.

Neil is described as the adult version of Harry Potter, with round glasses, shaggy dark hair and of course, the forehead tattoo (just kidding). Anesthesia probably pays fairly well, but not nearly as well as silly books about magic.

9. Wendi Deng



Rupurt Murdoch 78, chairman and CEO of News Corporation, married to Wendi Deng, 40, the head of Strategic development for Myspace China.

One of Australia’s biggest egos (not Russell Crowe) took the media world by storm with a chalky, iron Republican fist. Known for launching Fox news and buying Myspace, Rupert scored himself a brilliant Chinese babe who oversees his empire in the Far East. How much money does it take to become blind to wrinkly skin? Just ask Wendi. Nonetheless, we all must thank him for the Simpsons and Family Guy. Money over politics works well, right, Rupert?

8. Kristy Hinze



Jim Clark, 65, Co-founder of Netscape, engaged to Kristy Hinze, 28, international swimsuit model, actress and TV host.

It is good to be a tech billionaire. That way, you can marry a blonde swimsuit model half your age. Jim Clark happily gave up about $200 million to get rid of his wife of 15 years, then appeared days later on a yacht with Hinze. Yes, it sounds cool. But she is also younger than his own daughter…by a decade.

7. Salma Hayek



François-Henri Pinault, 44, billionaire French CEO of PPR, married to Salma Hayek, 42, actress, director and film producer.

Salma pulled her own Princess Leia moment with a snake in From Dusk to Dawn, solidifying her as a Mexican sex goddess to geeks everywhere. So how did she end up with this guy? Oh yeah–all those billions. The couple met in Italy, they got engaged, she had a baby, then they broke the engagement, made up a few months later, and finally married the following Valentine’s Day. Note to Frank: Fiery Latinas can be difficult to handle.

6. Melanie Craft



Larry Ellison, 64, founder/CEO of Oracle, married to Melanie Craft, 40, romance novelist.

The inside joke in the Valley goes like this. Q: “What’s the difference between God and Larry Ellison?” A:” God doesn’t think he’s Larry Ellison.” After eight years of courting Melanie, the tech god decided to give a 4th marriage a try. Seems to be working.

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5. Queen Noor


Carlos Slim, 69, Mexican billionaire of Telmex fame, seriously dating Queen Noor, 57.

This affair has set the Mexican gossip press on fire. Mr. Slim is anything but, and Queen Noor is a bonafide hottie, so you can see the appeal. These phenomenally rich widows say they were born to be together. Maybe they are on to something. Noor lost her husband on February 7, 1999; the very next day, Slim went through the same ordeal with his wife.

4. Melania Knauss-Trump


Donald Trump, 62, real estate billionaire, married to Melania Trump, 35, Slovenian model.

The Donald is all about appearances. Just look at his hair. (Ouch! Cheap shot.) Melania is his best accessory yet. She also bore his fifth child. His want ad read: “Billionaire with Hair seeks Model with a Deep Love of Gold, Teak and Prenups.”

3. Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen


Marc Andreessen, 37, founder of Netscape and Ning Social Networks, married to Laura Arrillaga, 35, chairwoman of the Silicon Valley Venture Fund.

Mr. Andreessen, of Netscape and Ning fame, is a Silicon Valley superstar. Laura, who holds an MBA and MAs in educations and art history from Stanford, fits Andreessen’s galactic mating requirements. She sits on at least seven non-profit boards and is the author of a philosophy called Strategic Philanthropy–offered at Stanford, of course.

2. Kathy Freston


Tom Freston, 64, television executive and former CEO of Viacom, married to Kathy Freston, 43, best-selling self-help author and former Ford model.

Tom Freston guided Viacom to the top, only to get booted by Sumner Redstone for his efforts. Kathy Freston hit it big with the coveted Oprah Book push, which in turn led to Mr. Freston becoming a consultant on her new network startup. Never bet against Oprah!

1. Oleksandfra Nikolayenko


Phil Ruffin, 73, casino billionaire married to Oleksandra Nikolayenko, 27, former Ms. Ukraine Universe.

Mr. Ruffin is known for being press-shy. Unfortunately, his investments, which include casinos, greyhound racetracks, and real estate, are anything but. He topped it all off by marrying a former Ukrainian beauty queen 45 years younger than himself. Why won’t the press just leave him alone?