The 25 Hottest Wives of Business


From private jets to golden parachutes, the perks of being a high-rolling executive are too many to count. But one of the best benefits comes in spousal form. With the right bankroll, even the raunchiest guy can land his hottie of choice. In some cases, the hot wife is also a businesswoman, making her husband a very lucky man indeed.

Notice the sharp contrast in looks between some of the couples featured below. That’s no coincidence. That’s money, baby.

25. Lucy Southworth



Lucy Southworth, 28, former model and Stanford bioinformatics Ph.D., married to Larry Page, 35, co-founder of Google.

Those Google guys are really smart with engineering and APIs, but also in finding the smartest Ph.D. with the hottest smile in the room. This despite the fact that they look like they just stumbled out of their dorm rooms after a night of coding. Pay attention oilmen, the geeks are winning.

24. Susan Dell



Michael Dell, 44, founder of Dell Computer, married to Susan Dell, 43, elite-level Ironman athlete/chairman of Phi, a fashion label in New York.

Dell had just rung $159 million in sales the year before, but when Michael met Susan in an Austin bistro, she was a already star in her own right. The rich daughter of a famous cacner surgeon, Susan also excelled in real estate. She later revisited her love of fashion and opened a boutique. Apparently, they used Macs at first. Eek!

23. Beth Ostrosky



Howard Stern, 54, radio host/media entrepreneur, married to Beth Ostrosky, 37, model, TV host.

The “King of All Media” dumped the coolest chick ever, his former wife, who stuck with him during his ridiculous rise. He then proceeded to host every stripper and porn star in America on his radio show until he found true love. It didn’t work, but he met Beth at a dinner party. He then invited her to a proper movie date. The rest is history.

22. Stephanie Seymour



Brant, 62, CEO of White Birch Paper, married to Stephanie Seymour, 39, former international supermodel.

Axl Rose cried, then kissed Stephanie in the grossest manner during the video for November Rain. Soon afterwards, the news came out that the tiny little rock star hit the supermodel and kicked her out of his bed. Around the same time, Peter Birch was making his first billion. Ms. Seymour is smarter than all of them.

21. Kareena Kapoor



Saif Ali Khan, 38, Bollywood star and entrepreneur, attached to Kareena Kapoor, 28, tabloid fave Indian film star.

This couple’s hotness goes both ways. Women wish they were with Saif and wish they just were Kareena (known as Bebo). This exotic Indian couple is the equivalent of Brangelina in the States. Wherever they go, thousands of cameras follow. Men watch Kapoor hungrily, while women young and old clutch their broken hearts.

20. Kirsty Roper



Ernesto Bertarelli, 43, CEO of Swiss Biotech Serono, is married to former Miss UK Kirsty Roper, 38.

He likes to heliski in Gstaad and sail in Valencia. She likes to wear cute little pink ski suits and cute little gold swimsuits, so this thing might work out.

19. Erica Baxter



James Packer, 41, billionaire CEO of Australia’s Telecom, married to Erica Baxter, 25, singer and model.

These two crazy kids have been causing a ruckus Down Under, where a whiff of old English tradition–proper money dating proper money–remains. Wild child Erica ensnared Australia’s richest man. He looks like he is having the time of his life.

18. Deborah Norville


Karl Wellner, 56, money manager to the ultra-rich, married to Deborah Norville, 51, TV broadcaster and journalist.

Remember when, way before real cable news, Inside Edition was hot? Back then, Deborah Norville was a serious journalist who just happened to be one of the hottest blondes on TV. Mr. Wellner financed part of the show’s sponsoring affiliate channel, as well as the building in which the show was shot. As a result, he happened to see Ms. Norville on TV. I guess you could say it was kismet.

17. Taffi Dollar


Creflo Dollar, 47, mega-church evangelist of World Changers Church, married to Taffi Dollar, 46, the CEO of Christian recording company Arrow records.

God wants you to be rich. Help Him help you by sending money to Creflo and Taffi, who will don custom tailored suits, build huge monuments to God, and broadcast it all in HD for your viewing pleasure. You might become rich, too, if you believe enough. Alas, the cards may be stacked against you: You do not run a megachurch, and, unbelievably, your name isn’t Dollar.

16. Meredith Whitney



Meredith Whitney, 40, banking analyst, married to John “Blackjack Bradshaw” Layfield, 42, former WWE wrestler and investor.

Meredith is the hottest banking analyst on Wall Street. Nonetheless, she just couldn’t see herself with a Gordon Gekko-type who drinks fine scotch and enjoys the Hamptons. Instead, she landed a bulky wrestler, who can almost drink as much tequila as Ms. Whitney herself. The joke is on her: He is a very successful investor, too. Wonder if she wrestles?

15. Anne Wojcicki



Sergey Brin, 35, co-founder of Google, married to Anne Wojcicki, 35, biotech analyst and founder of 23andMe.

Another Google dude shows his smarts by picking a smart, hot blonde with accolades of her own. Interestingly, the couple has chosen to donate their child’s DNA to a mapping project that will help with Anne’s 23andme initiative eradicate diseases.

14. Gail Icahn


Carl Icahn, 73, billionaire financier married to Gail Gordon, 57, former long-time assistant to Carl Icahn.

You go to work every day for years, dealing with an over-controlling boss as his assistant. He is never satisfied. He never remembers your birthday. Still, you think he is a genius. Privately, you just wish he would give you a raise. Then one day he invites you to dinner after work. A few drinks later you are in a compromising position with your boss. The only thing to do is to quit and marry him. Bam! Instant respect, better time off…and the “raise.”

13. Julia Koch



David Koch, 68, billionaire Financier married to Julie Koch, 46, former couture design assistant.

After their very first date, set up by dress designer Adolfo, David was one of the only survivors of a plane crash that would leave him with major injuries. Shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with cancer. After recovering, he locked in the much younger Julie as his wife. The two are living happily ever after.

12. Christina Aguilera



Christina Aguilera, 28, multiplatinum singer, married to Jordan Bratman, 31, music marketer.

It is hard to see what the “dirty genie” sees in this doofus. He’s unattractive, a little short, and a horrible music marketer to boot. Motherhood has treated her well, though. You have to give props for the low dosage of paparazzi involving Bratman and the kids. It might just be real.

11. Georgina Chapman



Harvey Weinstein, 57, film producer and chairman of The Weinstein Company, married to Georgina Chapman, 33, founder of the Marchesa Fashion label.

Dumbstruck. Flabbergasted. These are a few of the terms that explain what people feel like when they see this couple. Harvey, the heavy-breathing, walking-adverse movie mogul apparently wooed Georgina, the fashion plate, with a dirty joke. Really?

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