The 5 Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2010

Super Bowl XLIV shaped up to be a good year for commercials. Here are the 5 best commercials we’ve seen for Super Bowl 2010:

Snickers Game

Worth it just to hear Betty White say “That’s not what your girlfriend said…”

Doritos Dog Collar

When anti-bark collars strike back.

Bud Light Can House

Those Bud Light cans aren’t empty…

Audi Green Car

Watch out for the Green Police.

Doritos’ Boy Slaps Man


Honorable mention:

The Boost Mobile Shuffle

When they shuffle, they mean it.

You can go here towatch all the super bowl commercials online.

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  • Ryan

    Personally, I liked the Dorrito commercial with the little kid who slapped his mom’s boyfriend.

  • byrd

    the little boy with dorrito comm.

  • DavidL

    Can I vote for none of them? All things considered, none of them will ever become a classic.

  • jon p

    The boost shuffle was terrible! How can you like that? By far the best was the electronic voice comercial with ending with t-pain asking for quacamole! Everyone at the party was laughing so hard where I was

  • Pat

    Thank you for letting us know which ads were the most successful…I disagree with 3 of you choices, especially the shuffle ad was horrible. The audi ad started funny, but the ending sucked. Like I am going to buy an over-priced car to get a pass from the green police. We hated it and promised never to buy an audi. We had a superbowl party and liked Bud electronic-singing/talking commercial, the e-trade babies commercial was also funny and the KGB ad was hilarious. The rest were boring or mediocre. We could have done with less commercials this year.

  • david

    I liked the Dorrito commercial with the little kid who slapped his mom’s’s the best one.