The 5 Richest Tennis Players in the US Open

The US Open is all about the game. But the money–$1,600,00 for singles winners–sure doesn’t hurt.

Some of this year’s top contenders also happen to be some of the most financially endowed players, too. Roger Federer, though he tops the list, is hardly the only multimillionaire serving during this week’s Grand Slam. The four players trailing behind him have all done incredibly well of prize money, sponsorships, and other ventures. See who ranks richest in the 2009 US Open*:

5. Andy Roddick


Career prize money:
Sponsors: Rolex, Lacoste, SAP, Babolat, Lagardere

Roddick won the US Open in 2003, but since then, rival Roger Federer has continually taken the title. In fact, Federer has beat Roddick for several Grand Slam titles over the years, leaving Roddick steadily behind on the court (worldwide, he is ranked 5th). The 27-year-old Omaha native, who boasts the fastest serve in tennis (155 mph), faces Federer again in this year’s US Open. Good thing he has sponsors to keep him afloat if he doesn’t win–again.

4. Venus Williams


Career prize money: $23,870,938
Sponsors: Electronic Arts, American Express, Kraft, Powerade, SEGA
Also owns EleVen (a women’s clothing line) and, with Serena, part-owns the Miami Dolphins.

The #3-ranked women’s tennis player has won 18 Grand Slam titles. A number of her games have been against sister and sometimes-rival Serena, who currently outranks Venus at #2. Yet Venus, who is also a design entrepreneur and successful campaigner for equal pay in tennis, continues to show her prowess at raking in funds through areas outside of tennis. She is not only a successful tennis player, but an advocate and entrepreneur, too.

3. Rafael Nadal


Career prize money
: $25,182,970
Sponsors: Nike, Kia, Babolat, Mapfre, Illes Balears, Time Force, Banesto, L’Oreal, Lanvin

#3-ranked Rafael Nadal has never won a US Open. This six-time Grand Slam winner no doubt has his sights on the prize. The real question is whether his knees, which are recovering from tendinitis, will let him perform the way he needs to in order to beat rivals like Roger Federer. That said, the 23-year-old Spaniard has raked up significant earnings during his career. Hopefully they will be enough to keep him competitive on the court.

2. Serena Williams


Career prize money
: $25,999,373
Sponsors: Nike, Wilson, HP, Kraft, Electronic Arts, Home Shopping Network, Gatorade
Also co-founded MISSION skincare, and has her own line of Nike designer clothes

#2-ranked Serena Williams has won more career prize money and Grand Slam titles than any other female player. Her success on the court has allotted her an unprecedented amount of prize money (for a female player). Like her sister Venus, she designs fashion, which she sells through Nike. She also has a good shot at winning this year’s US Open.

1. Roger Federer


Career prize money: $49,977,919
Sponsors: Gillette, Jura, Mercedes-Benz, Nationale Suisse, NetJets, Nike, Rolex, SWISS (airlines), Wilson

Federer has won every US Open since 2004. What’s to stop him this year? A Rafael Nadal comeback, maybe, but certainly not a lack of funds. The #1-ranked men’s player is not only the richest tennis player in history, but arguably the best player, too.

*Based mainly on career prize money, as listed on the US Open official site.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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