The 7 Most Tasteless USB Drives on Earth

The diminutive USB drive has undergone a revolution in recent years. It started as an innocent, rectangular Flash drive, but soon evolved into a branding device, then a novelty. People now alter USB drives to look like anything from sushi to Star Wars characters.

It was only a matter of time until tacky, X-rated, or just plain tasteless USB drives made their way into storefronts. Today, in 2009, there are enough of these oddities to compile an entire list. So here they are, folks: The 7 most tasteless USB drives on the planet.

The Rubber Chicken


This rubber chicken would be G-rated, save for the conspicuous location of its USB drive. Found @ Craziest Gadgets.

The Severed Finger


Depending on your sense of humor, the severed finger is either morbidly funny or retch-inducing. Found @ DNHeadlines

The Heavy Day

Source: Geekologie

Completely unnecessary. Period.
Found @ Geekologie

The Humping Dog

Source: Ohgizmo

According to Gizmodo, the original humping dogs (this is the second version) came with saggy ears and indifferent expressions. Humping Dogs v2 features big smiles and perky ears…and they’re still tasteless.

The Headless Barbie


This drive straddles the fine line between funny and tasteless. Funny: You’re tearing the head off a Barbie and sticking her into your computer. Tasteless: You’re tearing the head off a Barbie and sticking her into your computer. Found @ Gizmodo

Mr. Sperm


The American Society for Reproductive Medicine handed out these tadpole-shaped drives at its 2008 conference, according to Gizmodo. Don’t worry, they won’t give your computer any viruses.

Teeny Weeny Drive (NFSW)

Source: Teenyweenydrive

Not only do you pop the tip off the Teeny Weeny before it goes into your disk drive, the thing glows red when plugged in. This drive is pinnacle of tastelessness. Found @ Gizmodo

Written by Drea Knufken

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