The 9 Worst Logo Changes Of 2015

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Lenovo New Logo

When it comes to revamping logos of well-known brands, some companies do well, while others go way off the mark. This year we saw several businesses switch logos, from Verizon and Google to  IHOP and Best Western. Unfortunately, not all businesses improved their logos.

Google’s change was arguably the most significant, considering the company has used the same basic design for the past 17 years. However, Johnny Walker and IHOP also showed significant improvement. But for Verizon and others, the change wasn’t so great.

Business Insider’s list of the worst logo design changes of 2015 was compiled thanks to data from graphic-design publisher UnderConsideration. The publisher runs a blog called Brand New, which shows off the logo changes of companies, universities, and athletic teams.

For this list, only large, non-athletic-team or university brands were considered. To qualify for the list, the change must have been made in 2015.

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Written by Melissa Stusinski

Melissa Stusinski

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