The Alibi Network: A Business Where You Can Buy a Lie


What would you pay for an alibi to let you miss work, provide cover for an affair, or pretend you are somewhere that you aren't? Most of these services can be provided starting at $75 from a business called the Alibi Network. From the website:

Alibi Network is a cutting edge full service agency providing alibis and excused absences as well as assistance with a variety of sensitive issues. We view ourselves as professional advisors who understand our clients' unique situations. We explore various approaches with our clients and implement the best solution based on each individual case. We understand your need for privacy and we are completely discreet and confidential.

It's a fascinating business idea that, according to the Internet archives, goes back to December of 2005. Do you consider this unethical? Even though they won't provide alibis for illegal activities, I lean towards yes. I can see a few examples that aren't so bad – like if you were traveling to a dangerous part of the world, and preferred to tell your spouse you were just in Europe, so as not to cause too much worry. But even with my utilitarian leanings that doesn't seem quite right.

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It would be interesting to see a breakdown of their customer base by job title and location. In a world with plenty of Jeff Skillings and Dennis Kozlowskis, I'm sure they aren't hurting for business.