The Best Email Marketing Systems for Small Businesses in 2016

We’ve been looking into e-mail marketing systems and checked out the offerings of a lot of vendors; however – we’ve made our decision and nominated three offerings as the best email marketing software systems for small businesses in 2016:

Our Best Email Marketing Software Picks

We had three categories for best email marketing software for small businesses and they break down as follows:

Benchmark – The Best E-mail Marketing Software for Small Businesses in 2016


Benchmark was our overall winner for the best e-mail marketing software for small business in 2016. The company has an impressive reputation and works with some of the world’s biggest businesses to deliver their e-mail marketing. It’s also easy to use and we thought it was good value for money too. Its only real drawback was a lack of landing page creating facilities and that might mean some e-commerce professionals want to work with a different system.

You can read our full Benchmark review here.

GetResponse – The Best Budget E-mail Marketing Software for Small Businesses in 2016


While Benchmark is great – it does come at a cost and its free service for very small lists and businesses has some drawbacks. GetResponse is certainly a cheaper solution and we really liked its ease of use too. There’s a decent discount for paying a year up front which can reduce the cost of ownership substantially.

You can read our full GetResponse review here.

SendinBlue – The Best E-mail Marketing Software for E-commerce in 2016


E-commerce pros tend to need a little more from e-mail marketing software than other businesses do; that’s why Send in Blue is our best e-mail marketing software for e-commerce in 2016. It handles e-mail marketing, responsive or transaction e-mails as well as SMS marketing. That makes it the most flexible offering in our round up and ideal for those with more complex needs.

You can read our full SendinBlue review here.

Other Email Marketing Packages

There are many other email marketing software packages available to small businesses and while none of these came top of our list; they may be the right package for your business. It’s a good idea to shop around for the best email marketing software package for your business when you’re ready to run with it.

Please note that the quotes below are what the software vendor says about their own product and they may not reflect our opinion of their software.

Active Campaign

Active campaign is an “All-on-one marketing platform which can grow your business and save time with a seamless experience.”


Admail says; “™ is an all-in-one email marketing and social media solution. Admail makes it easy for your business or organization to create and send professional email marketing campaigns.

Arial Software

Arial Software seem to be a little hung up on technology when they talk about their offering. “Why is Campaign Enterprise different?  Campaign Enterprise is an Enterprise-Level software that you run on your own system utilizing the Windows IIS Webserver (Internet Information Server) and connects in real-time to all popular databases including: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, MS Access, and many more.”


Aweber is a very popular service used by many of the world’s top internet marketers. “All the tools you need to send emails the right way. Email is perfect for keeping your brand top of mind and staying connected with those who make a purchase, read your blog or meet you in person. And when you join the community where email automation began, you get access to all features and a team that’s 100% devoted to your success.”

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Bluecore’s pitch goes like this; “Unique Audiences, Personal Experiences. Your behavioral and product data in one system, powering immediate marketing actions as unique as your customers.”


CakeMail get right to the point with; “Simple Email Marketing. Send successful newsletters. In less time.”


We though Campaigner might be more appropriate to larger businesses but they do support SMBs too. “Your Email Marketing Solution from Start to Send!”


Cobalt is a web based email marketing software that sends personalized HTML emails to your mailing lists for direct email campaigns and marketing. You can easily create email newsletters, single blasts and more!”


Comm100 simply offers to grow your business with e-mail marketing.


ConstantContact is one of the forefathers of e-mail marketing and they offer to turn you into a marketer.


DirectIQ says that you can “Create professional campaigns in minutes with easy and fast e-mail marketing for everyone.”

Elite Email

Elite Email is “doing e-mail right.” They also offer a permanent free trial based on up to 500 contacts in your list.

Express Pigeon

Express Pigeon clearly believes in simplicity with a very straightforward “Powerful. Email. Marketing.”


GoDaddy is one of the largest domain registrars so it might be a bit of a surprise that they also offer e-mail marketing tools.


HubSpot is a very serious inbound marketing suite and e-mail marketing is only a small part of what HubSpot offers marketers. They promise “an end to ineffective e-mails.”


iContact promotes “Email marketing for everyone.” They offer “smart solutions to maximize the power of your e-mail marketing.”


JangoMail’s website offers the ability to send 10,000 emails for free without requiring a credit card which is a decent trial service. They say that JangoMail is “cutting edge e-mail technology” whatever that’s supposed to mean.


MailChimp is another e-mail marketing heavyweight with more than 12 million customers. “Send better email. Sell more stuff.” is their exhortation to would be buyers.


Mailify is an app based service which promotes beautifully effective marketing campaigns. They also offer the first 1,000 emails as a free trial.


We weren’t terribly impressed with Mailjet’s website but apparently they are “one solution to power your email” and they offer transactional email support too.


nuevoMailer is a self-hosted email marketing software for managing mailing lists, sending email campaigns and following up with autoresponders and triggers.”


PinPointe says that they offer better results, more advanced features and for less money. They certainly have one of the largest pools of template e-mails available from any provider of e-mail marketing.


We though ReachMail’s site was really unappealing and despite the fact that they offer “free email marketing for life” they also say they are “cheaper than the competition.” We’ll leave you to work out where the line is drawn between the two.


Remarkety proudly boasts of the revenue it has generated and the number of e-mails it has sent on its home page. We liked that very much and we approve of their free trial option too.


SendGrid is “Delivering your transactional and marketing email through one reliable platform.”


Sometimes if you really want results, you go to the biggest providers in the industry and Silverpop is IBM’s e-mail marketing offering.


VerticalResponse promises to “Create, send, and track emails and social posts that look great on every device.”


Written by Lisa Huyhn

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