The Best Kept Secret in Innovation

I think the single best way to be more innovative is to expose yourself to unique ideas and socialize with people from other disciplines. I'm at Ideafestival because it jams months worth of new ideas and unique individuals into 3 days. I'm busy. That's why I like this kind of "drinking from a firehose."

The last session was about the epidemiology of money circulation. A physicist with an interest in how diseases spread examined data from the website, which lets you track dollar bills. The good news is that such data helps us better understand the mathematics behind the money flow. The bad news is, based on the money flow data, an extremely viral disease will spread incredibly fast across the entire country.

Today through Saturday I'll be blogging here and twittering a bit too about the Ideafestival. Tomorrow night is Woz, so hopefully I'll have some good ideas after hearing him speak. Maybe I'll hit him up for some angel investment ;-)

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