The Bible as a Teen Magazine?

Business ideas like this fascinate me. When dealing with something like the Bible, publishers are walking a fine line. Some people may think it is a great idea to encourage teen girls to read it this way, but others will think it is sacrilege. More info about it can be found here and here. The market research:

"We asked teen girls how often they read the Bible," says Laurie Whaley, one of Revolve's editors and a spokeswoman for its publisher, Thomas Nelson Bibles. "The response that came back was, 'Well, we don't read the Bible.'

"They said, 'It's just too freaky, too intimidating. It doesn't make any sense.'"

I've stayed away from religion in this blog because it is such a polarizing issue, but I must admit I am finding the issues at the crossroads of religion and business to be very interesting. For instance, this product is not just a way to make money, but a way to fill a ministry need, something on a deeper level. We all have philosophical and religious beliefs that affect the way we view the world, and thus all our decision making, but I am curious if deeply religious people actually put "feelings" before analysis sometimes.

So, if any of you reading this are deeply religious and would like to respond in the comments section, I would like to know how much religion affects your work. Obviously it affects moral/ethical decisions, but do any of you pray or look to a religious book for more routine business ideas? For example, would you use the idea of "turn the other cheek" and maybe not sue someone who infringed on a patent or failed to pay for a large order? I really am interested in this, and as long as it no one belittles any one else's beliefs, I'll keep the comments turned on.